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Our Evaluation Tool

The SECR Evaluation Tool has been designed to help your
organisation to comply.

Don't leave compliance to chance; The SECRET is dedicated, unique, software to save you time and money.

The SECRET Software comes with:
Support, Set Up and Training if required.
Unlock The SECRET of SECR Compliance

Policy & Strategy


Finance Capex & Opex


Behaviour Change

The Easiest SECR Solution

The SECR guidance sets out that verification of SECR by a third party is best practice. The tool will allow the EMA to verify that all the data needed is incorporated and all regulatory requirements are met.


  1. On all energy consumption. The tool will compile the data from all MPANs for gas and electricity and help organise all fuel data.
  2. All carbon Emissions. The SECR tool will automatically convert all energy data into Carbon data, this is calculated using DEFRA conversion figures.
  3. Use an intensity metric. The software will allow the use of a number of standard intensity metrics.
  4. State which Methodology used. The tool is built around the EMA methodology
  5. Report on Principal Energy Efficiency Measures (PEEMs), The SECR tool, using the EMA methodology will give guidance on what constitutes a PEEM and how to report PEEMS in the narrative

The SECR tool will through clearly setting out in a standard format the data needed, reduce the work needed to be undertaken by the company’s accountants saving time and money.

The SECR reporting tool will keep all the data in one place allowing Companies to report year on year in a format that will be understood by Boards, Accountants shareholders and the wider stakeholder community.

SECR Reporting Tool has been designed by Lord Redesdale, the CEO of the EMA (Energy Managers Association) and Dave Armstrong, Founder of Great Minds Property Group.


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    Copyright 2020. SECR REPORTING LTD. All rights reserved.
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